Welcome to the Division of Organizational Training and

Division Mission

The Division of Organizational Training and Performance strives to bridge the gap between research and practice, facilitating communication, collaboration and sharing between academics, students and practitioners across multiple disciplines interested in applying current theory and research to training and performance improvement initiatives

Division Initiatives

OTP brings a variety of initiatives into fruition every year:

  • The division offers annual awards for both research and practice endeavors.

  • Division-sponsored webinars are hosted throughout the year featuring relevant and timely organizational training and performance topics.

  • OTP members submit proposals every year to the AECT International Convention to share and showcase their research, best practices, knowledge on trends and issues, workshops, and other relevant work.

2022-2023 Division Board Members 

  • Jenny Bauman - President and Conference Planner

  • Nancy Hastings - Representative to AECT Board

  • Mohan Yang - Past President

  • Melissa Jones - President-Elect

  • Samantha Goldstein - VP of Communications

  • Kristy Bloxham - Secretary

  • Johnny Fortune - Representatives to OTP Board

  • Evangeline Schepper - Representatives to OTP Board

  • Annetta Dolowitz - GSA Rep


Division Meetings will be held the 4th Wednesday of each month. 5:00pm Eastern time. Zoom information will be sent via email and is also available on the OTP events page.

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